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I had to take my Elise in for the 1000mi service and posted the question on where to take it. I am a 2hr drive from Dallas and a 5 1/2hr drive from Memphis, a no brainer wright! Well wrong, after talking with Dallas and making a appt, which they told me to get a hotal room for atleast 2days, but would be looking a probly 3days and a cost of over 500.00 for the service, I decided to call Memphis and check with them. I spoke with Kevin Williams, who is over service ( vary nice guy) and was told if I brought it in the morring, he would have it out the same day, and not only that, but I would be saving 200.00 (for the service) to boot. THIS WAS THE NO BRAINER!! I cancled my appt at Dallas and mad on with Kevin in Memphis.

OK, about the service and dealer. I don't think it could have went any better than it did. I meet Kevin at 8:30 on the 4th and he got my car in as soon as i finished the paper work. I not only had my 1000mi service, but also has to have a rear tail light replaced and two other warrenty isues taken care of. (walked to the mall one block away, after looking at the 7 Lotues they have on there lot) I also was meet by Mike Adair and his wife Janet, both are great people. The service and warrenty work was finished around 1:30pm and I was on my way bak to Louisiana.

My time at Homer Skeltom Wolfchase was great and vary injoyable. I would say if you are close or not and unhappy with your service now, it is worth the drive and I do not think anyone would be disappointed eather.

OK, about the cars they have for sale, just incase anyone is looking. They have a:
09 SY Elise
2 SC one CO one White Elise
1 240 S Black on white :)drool:)
07 Tit. Exgie
Calf. Special (Nice package)
New 07 Type 72D (did I say NEW)

If anyone is looking give them a call or drop them a line
Homer Skelton Wolfchase
3020 N. Germantown Pkwy.
Bartlett, Tn 38133

Thanks To All At the Dealer!!
Could Not Have Asked For Better or Nicer Service!
I Will Be Back and You are My Service and Dealer From Now On!:nanner2::coolnana:

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Had service done last week at homer skelton and was also pleased. They did a great job (finally fixed the passenger door rattle!) and were fast and friendly.

Girl at the check out desk did have a parrot on her shoulder, which was weird.

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Let me guess, the Dallas dealership was Overseas Motors? That sounds like typical indifferent customer service from them along with ridiculously expensive prices (service is $135/hr!). Not only that, but one of their techs posts on here and has made a point of personally driving my business away from there with his personal insults and harassment PM's because of complaints I made on here about their customer service (or rather, lack thereof). And after I complained to the service manager, he rebuffed me and basically told me that he didn't care. So now I'm willing to go hundred of miles out of my way to avoid them.

You definitely made a good choice in driving extra to go to Memphis!

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My wife and I spent some time with Antonio and the crew at Homer Skelton yesterday. All I can say is that everyone there is very friendly and helpful. Even took a 72D out for a test drive. I love that car.

Antonio tried his best to accommodate me, but it looks like I am a bit too tall for a Elise or Exige. Let me know if you have any suggestions on how to make it work, I am only 6'3" but I guess enough of it is in the torso to cause a problem. My wife said I can just buy it for her though.

Antonio is going to call me when their first Evora arrives for a look.

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Just returned from having the 1000k service at Homer Skelton today. Very nice and excellent service. Drove 300 miles each way to get it done. Will do it again. My nearest other alternative is Dallas and they don't seem very accommodating.

Monroe, louisiana
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