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Honda K series Swap: Wiring and ECU

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Here we'll keep a list of all the wiring/electrical components needed for this swap.

My limited understanding is you need an Engine Harness, Charge Harness, Honda ECU and an adapter harness or relay box to adapt the signals into the interior of the lotus..

Required OEM Harnesses:

02-06 RSX Charge Harness (P/N: 32111-PRB-A01)
02-04 RSX Engine Harness (P/N: 32110-PRB-A00)
OR any swap equivalent/universal harness (hybrid racing, k tuned, rywire etc)

Adapting Harnesses/Components

Rywire relay box (contact rywire for details)

Hondata Lotus Dash Converter (for use with stock lotus gauge cluster)
Lotus Dash Converter

Innovative Wiring Kit:
CorSport: Lotus - 2005+ Lotus Elise/Exige - 50904

Not much detail known and this time., I was told you may need this AND the Relay box made by Rywire. It does appear to have the OBDII port and several other sensor connectors. Does anyone know exactly what this harness contains? Does it replace one of the OE harness?

ECU/Engine Management

Hondata Kpro (uses 2002-2004 RSX Type S/PRB ECU)

AEM EMS? does any other engine management work?

OEM Engine Sensors

Primary/Secondary 02 sensors:

OEM Part

Denso Equiv Replacement

Throttle Position Sensor:

The OEM Part is part of the throttle body assy.. ref item 5

Aftermarket option:


Aftermarket option may require modification to tab (thanks Butters):

Knock Sensor:

OEM Part for K20 Block (P/N: 30530PRBA01)

OEM Part for K24 Block (P/N: 30530-PPL-A01)
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We really don't have a thread... We have several giant disorganized messes that you have to scour through.

The thread aztec started is beyond incoherent.

All good though I can document all this stuff on my own. I figured other users would benefit.

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It looks like your asking questions, that already have been answered, if theirs something that hasn't been covered and you would like to share with us which is always great poste it on the kswap parts list thread
I didn't want to mess up those threads further with minor questions that have been asked repeatedly. So I have been searching and trying to document this stuff on my own.

You're honestly missing the point. I'm trying to document what is needed in an easier to find location. If you look above I'm referencing part numbers that anyone can find on any OEM honda parts site. I've also got links to diagrams to visually see the parts, where they fit etc.

I was hoping to use the collective wisdom of others to show which aftermarket parts will or will not work as well.

Have a question about wiring, which mounts to order etc? See one of these threads with THE EXACT INFORMATION..


Scour through 3 different 20+ pg threads with lots of irrelevant info to HOPE to find what you're looking for. Even with the search button it won't always pinpoint the particular post you need.

I'm not just listing "call this shop-get this part." There is no ref to p/n, price, why you need it or if it will even work with your swap.

That in my mind is not very helpful.

I understand that several others have completed their swaps with much documented trial and error. That's great, this is done for them. The goal here is to help others trying to complete this swap to avoid the same pitfalls.
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