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I was leaking coolant around the rear bleed knob, due to a bad washer, so I replaced it. When doing this, I noticed when I opened the other bleed screw on the coolant tank resevoir, that more coolant seemed to come out from the bleed screw area. Also when I closed the bleed screw on the hose and keep just the bleed screw on the resevoir open, the left side of the tank filled up almost all the way with coolant and the right side of the tank stayed normal.

It looks like the coolant tank is split into two sections. Is the left side supposed to be all the way full and the right side just to between the min/max marks?

I have noticed on some cars, the left side is full, but the right side is between the marks, and on some other cars, both areas are between the min/max marks.

Should both the screw on the coolant line hose and the tank be opened, and then should the one on the hose be shut, and then should the one on the tank be closed after it fiils up, or is there another procedure. Also should the radiator cap be on or off when this is being done?

I know there is also a bleed screw by the front radiatior, but since the rear only leaked about a pint of coolant, I doubt there are any air bubbles in the front to worry about.

The car is running OK and not overheating, but I just want to make sure that all the air has been bleed out of the system.
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