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Sort of a myth IMO.

Factory paints are heat treated and this process tends to cure the paint rather quickly. Usually the paint has already cured before it leaves the factory and whatever solvents that are going to evaporate have done so. Consider that many manufactuers take a rotary buffer to your brand new paint with a mild polish before shipping.

Now, I say sort of a myth, because a repaint by your local shop usually cures by chemicals, over a period of time, and not by being baked like at a factory. Any paint popping that could occur, because solvents were not able to escape, usually occurs within the first few hours. However, being cautious, painters will usually recommend not waxing because that is just an additional topping layer of risk. In this case, you should really avoid sealants like Zaino and Klasse, and just top it with some superficial layer of glaze like Meguiars #7. Modern urethane paints cure much faster than the old lacquers that would keep outgassing for longer periods of time. The paint is pretty hard after a few days.

I'm not sure which method Lotus uses, being the small company they are. However, by the time your car actually gets to the port, it has cured anyway. You can even look up your build date if you wish. I believe one method was by checking the install date of the alarm.

Wax away...
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