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How many Lotus Elise/Exiges are there in the US?

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Just curious.. hope this is not too stupid of a question... tried doing a forum search and google search and I could not find any good numbers...
I figure its an exotic car.. but I am trying to figure out exotic is it, really...

How many Lotus Elise/Exiges are there in the US? (or world?)

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I may be wrong, but I believe the number of U.S. Elises imported per year (beginning model year 2005) is 2,000. Someone can verify. Not sure about the Exige totals, though.
There is a thread discussing this. Look at the uberthread. Its about 6k - 7k I think.
How many Lotus Elise/Exiges are there in the US? (or world?)

i read somewhere earlier in the year that there is around 30-35000 elise variants produced (s1, s2, exige s1, exige s2, europa, vx220, federalized elises, 340r and i'm sure i'm forgetting some)
One interesting tidbit, I read a press release from Group Lotus saying they plan to increase vehicle output by 50% for 09/2010 fiscal year. It's a little ambiguous, though, as written to whether that means increased production of the Evora (which wouldn't make sense) or total production.

Group Lotus business is buoyant | Lotus Enthusiast
I would venture to guess no more than ~4-5k in the states. They sold 2000 the first year but number declined steeply after that. ~1200 the following and less than that after.

Lotus produced ~4k at peak in 05 worldwide and ~2k last year worldwide including all variants. The Evora is expected 2k worldwide with 800 in the states
There were about 250 +/- 2006 Exiges sold in the US. I do not know the numbers for 2007, 2008 and the current year, but I would guesstimate the total number of US Exiges is probably around 750, with most of those now being the "S" (2007 and later) iteration of the Exige.

I would also guesstimate that about 40% to 50% of all of the US Exiges are in California.
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