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how much weight can the elise carry?

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I know a couple people who weigh around 300lbs who'd love to go for a ride if I bought an elise

Now I know the whole thing is absurd and they'd probably not even want to try to get in, but assuming if they'd be able to actually somehow fit in the car along with me, would this damage or be pushing the boundaries of the frame? I weigh 170 so we're looking at 470-500lbs or so total.
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When I drove the Euro-Spec S2 Elise, I weighed pretty close to 300 and my friend was probably around 240 or 250. The car ran fine and was still fairly quick. Of course we were rubbing shoulders pretty well and my friend (in the passenger seat) had to physically force himself against the sill to give me a little room. The fact that the passenger seat is fixed and I had to pull the driver's seat forward (I'm 5'10") meant that the seats were staggered which helped a bit.

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