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How to get the stock ECU to relearn?

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Jumpstarted the car last weekend, and since then I've got no VVTI and a 4500 cold/6200 warm rev limiter. Also have a cam sensor retarded code.

Went through everything tonight, and can't figure out what's up unless the cam sensor completely crapped out. The wiring's good, etc. So i went to reset the ECU.

Every car i've had, you just unplug the battery and discharge the residual by honking the horn. One car even had the ECU fused with the fuel pump so you wouldn't kill your presets.

I tried doing this tonight, and my CEL never went away. I'm trying to get the ECU back into open loop to see if the code's legit, and it doesn't seem to matter how long I leave it unplugged, it still shows the code. I don't have a code reader, is this car unique to all of mine in needing one? There's gotta be a reset procedure, but i've no clue what it is!
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if its continuing to limit the engine after off/on cycles , it still sees the problem, obd ii codes have two modes, one when the problem happens, then another saying it did happen in the past, so pending and past.

more than likely you've got an actual problem, whats the code?

most modern ecu's can't be reset by disconnecting the battery, its stored in flash memory so it has a 20+ year retention lifetime, its possible to force the ecu to internally corrupt itself and and reset everything, but you're much better off getting a code reader.
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