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It has been brought up that there are difficulties with the contractors and shipping companies regarding getting the cars out of the port and into the dealers hands. I though I would be helpful;) and give the names of several trucking companies that are respectible and perhaps mention that there are other options available out there. I don't know if Lotus has a signed contract with one shipping company, I would assome not since it has bene hard to estimate the number of cars coming in and when they will arrive. Anyway, here is a list with ticker symbols. Perhaps one of these companies would be competent, or at least complain less, than the as of yet unnamed company that is being used. Here they are. (Of course I do not know for sure if these companies can ship cars, but oh well...)

1. Central Freight Lines (CENF)

2.SCS Transport (SCST)

3. USFCorp (USFC)

4. Rush Enterprises (RUSHA)

5. Covenant Transport (CVTI)

6. Heartland Express (HTLD)

7. J.B. Hunt transport (JBHT)

8. Knight Transport (KNGT)

9. Marten Transport (MRTN)

10. Swift Transport (SWFT)

11. Werner Enterprises (WERN)

All of these companies receive a mileage fee regardless if the truck is 60% or 100% full. I believe this is common practice in the industry. As for drivers not driving, that is a reflection on the company as well. It is not a driver's particular problem. The financial report I have says that the transportation market is fragmented, meaning that there are many different carriers and they can not afford to be picky when their competitors will agree to do something and they will not. Horay for free markets, now lets use them....:clap: :clap:
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