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Reviving an old thread...
Washer fluid stopped spraying this morning on my '05 Elise. After work thought I'd top up reservoir. It was full of dark algae-like crud. Decided to remove the plastic reservoir bottle and after much bumbling about to do it here's what I learned:

-slide bottle straight up to remove from mounting's held in place by gravity only
-disconnect the flexible little hose (it just slides off with a bit of careful persuasion) from the nipple @ bottom of fluid have to turn/rotate/reposition the bottle to get to this
-disconnect the electrical supply connector from the pump. This part was tricky for me. There is a wire clip with a couple of tabs that must be squeezed together (apparently) to get the connector unclipped. I couldn't budge it with fingers, pliers, screwdrivers, etc. I ended up using needlenose pliers to remove the clip entirely by pulling it off one side at a time. Be careful not to drop the clip into the engine bay. Wiggle the connector loose from pump.
-with he reservoir bottle removed from the car you can easily clean it. I used Dawn dish detergent and a wheel detailing brush to clean mine.
-I used a couple shots of compressed air into the end of the flexible little hose to clear the clog from my line. You can tell when it's cleared when the old fluid shoots finally shoots completely over the car. I suppose you could use a bicycle pump with a proper connection to the hose to blow the line out..I used my little air compressor
-reconnect hose, bottle, and electric. Refill reservoir with fluid of your choice. Squirt a bit of water on windshield, start car, pull wiper/washer lever several times until system primes, and you're back in business.

Okay, I'm done now.
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