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I found a video on youtube on how to update the maps on the Alpine head unit in my Evora. It doesn't include the S920HD, but it absolutely works.

Heres the breakdown

Download NaviExtras from

Create an account (if you don't already have one)

Download the "autorun" that you'll need to collect the info off the head unit (I tried to attach, but its too large)

I got it from here:

Format a micro SD card to Fat32 - do a full format, not a "quick" format. It has to be larger than 1GB, I used a 4GB

Copy the "autorun" folder to the SD card

Go to car - turn key to "on", pop off the cover on the left with the little button at the top, stick the micro SD into the tiny slot behind the cover, replace cover
Hit the arrow/navi button - One thing I learned! Wait until the unit is fully up and running before popping the cover off to put the SD card in. It doesn't always recognize the card if you do it early.

You should get a screen that says "collect or update" maps. Do a "collect", which copies files to the SD card.

Once done, take card back to your computer and launch NaviExtras

On the left, you'll get a button that says "Device" or "Update" if you get the Update one, you've got free updates. If it just says "Device", you'll have to buy new maps.

The maps are $60-70 for a one-time update, or apparently $90 for a year "subscription" to get new maps each time they come out for a year.

Once purchased, the button will change from "Device" to "Update". Clicking there will start updating the SD card with the new maps...which takes a really long time...

When thats all done, take it back out to the car and follow the original steps to get it to read the SD card, then you'll have an option to "Copy Updates to device". Did this last night and it took about 30-45 minutes. I made sure the battery tender was attached to avoid killing the battery....

I'll try to include some pictures, but the youtube video does a pretty good job.
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