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Does anyone know on the board know about classing in HSR? I need help finding out where a 1967 porsche would be placed. Here are the specs

Early 911 chassis, with no serial numbers. Short wheelbase chassis, converted to coilover configuration.
The engine is a stock 2.4 MFI engine with high compression 2.2 ‘S’ pistons.
Block: 901 101 101 3R on one side and 901 101 102 3R on the other.
K&N air filter
Oil cooler in front facia.
The clutch has less than four events on it.
901 gearbox shifts cleanly.
No syncro issues

Ratio info:
A = 11.34
F = 18.34
M = 22.29
S = 25.26
X = 28.24
1 set factory Fuchs
Front: 7x15. 205/50ZR15 Toyo RA1
Rear: 8x15. 225/50ZR15 Toyo RA1
Approx 2000 pounds. The car weighed 2055 pounds before I took out a heavy Sparco driver seat and a passenger seat.
The car has a glass hood, engine cover, nose, tail, and fenders.
RSR flares.
The doors are still steel.
No rust
Carrera struts/coilovers on front. Spring rates unknown.
Brand new QA1 coilovers on rear. 4.4 shock valving. Adjustable.
Rear springs 450#.
Freshly corner weighted.
New 5-point Sparco belts installed 2005 (receipts)
New Kirkey aluminum seat and cover installed 2005. (receipts)
New fire extinguisher in 2005 (receipt)

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I race with HSR west.
here is their website

if you cannot find the info there, contact Ed Swart. he will tell you what you need to know. he is one of the nicest guys you could ever want to meet, and puts on great racing events.
his contact info should be on the site, if not, PM me and i will find it for you.
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