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I got this post from the Yahoo lotus list?? What gives? Surely this can't be for real. I emailed some blokes in the UK, no confirm yet.


I just read something wierd. Seems that Lotus is selling the
tooling for the Esprit to Kia. According to the press release on the
gglc site - Kia will be building the Esprit with Kia
power. Didn't Lotus do this with the M100 Elan? I can't believe it's
happening again!

This is certain to ruin any resale value of a "real" Esprit when
there's hundreds of Kia clones running around.

Anybody know anything about this? Mike Causer can you help explain?

Kiyoshi and GGLC are usually pretty well up on things, surely they wouldn't do this again, jeez, let the car go out with some dignity, it had a long run but to sell the car/idea to KIA??????????? Ouch.

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I think that would go along with Kia's apparent business model.

The Amanti is an attempt to build a luxury car on par with Mercedes and Jaguar at a fraction of the cost.

Now that they're getting the tooling for the Esprit, Kia will be able to build exotic performance cars on par with Ferrari and Lamborghini at a fraction of the cost.

I can see their TV commercials now:

Who ever said that performance comes at a price?
Where is it written that exotic cars are for the few?
We couldn't find it anywhere.
The new Kia Lotespra - starting at $19,995

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Now that a many of you are joining the ranks of the Lotus community, you have just experienced the annual "Kyoshi April Fool's Joke".

It's been a long tradition, and you will learn to look forward to them every year. :cool:

Tim Mullen
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