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Just in case.

I gave this hint to a number of fellow northeasterners who were running their cars to charge their cellphones.

It also came up during Turbophil’s excellent seminar at LOG.

Gas here was in short supply, but most of their cars didn’t have a live cigarette/power plug without the key being on. Using gas for this particular purpose wasn’t a great idea.

I have a bunch of wires with alligator clips on each end. All I need do is connect the device directly to the car battery.

Last winter (pre-generator), I connected my Sirius receiver that way so I could at least get good music (+ H. Stern) on my portable radio in the house.

Air compressors will generally blow the fuse in a cigarette lighter circuit almost instantly, so I have both of mine also equipped with (long) alligator clip leads.

Just thought this might help….
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