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Atlanta, GA. - May, 2004 -- The 2003 American Le Mans Series (ALMS) competitor, Hyper Sport announced the
formation of Hyper Sport Engineering and its intent to provide products and services related to Lotus Esprit street and

race cars. The Company recently joined forces with Kirt Wightman, former Dealer Operations Manager for Lotus
Cars, USA. Wightman will be responsible for engineering, design and manufacturing quality performance oriented
products and services for Lotus cars. Hyper Sport was formed in late 2002 primarily as a racing team, but with the
intention to enter into the high end performance street car sales and service market. "Lotus is just the beginning of

our business venture. There are no current aftermarket Lotus affiliates around with the expertise and capability that
our operation possesses. Kirt Wightman is a major contributor to our long list of credentials," stated Brad Nyberg,
Principal of Hyper Sport Engineering.

Wightman was with Lotus Cars USA until late January of 2004 and was responsible for the company's involvement
with racing and sporting endeavors. He became familiar with the Lotus automobile brand as well as their customer
base and club affiliates. The experience Wightman gained from building the Rapier Racing team Lotus has
transferred to the continuing development of the lotus with Hyper Sport Engineering. Wightman has developed

performance enhancement parts that will be a part of the forthcoming Hyper Sport Engineering product line.
Incorporating the high quality brand name of Lotus with the superior skills and equipment that Hyper Sport
Engineering provides, the Company will reach the Lotus marketplace with a product and service no other company
can match.

Plans include developing a 4130 chrome moly fabricated control arm kit along with developing and manufacturing an
upgrade kit for the V8 Esprit and the 4 cylinder Esprit Garrett turbo charger. In addition, the group will provide
services on Lotus street and race cars that will include the following: engine upgrades, transmission and clutch
improvements, bodywork, interior updates, user-tunable engine management systems, OE parts, roll cage building,

chassis and suspension products, turbo kits and many other needed components.

The Hyper Sport Engineering 10,000 square foot facility will be the center for all work done on Esprits as well as

future Elise products. A mobile service unit will be made available to our customer base later in 2004, allowing
services and product installations at race tracks and other locations across the U.S. Additional services offered by
the organization include; rebuild and upgrade stock engines, build full-race engines, race preparation and trackside
services, build complete race cars from scratch as well as items for street cars participating in "Track Days" events,

organize Lotus track events and coaching events. The full scale operation is currently in motion and operating its
business, including the development of an additional V8 Turbo Esprit that will make its competition debut at the
Watkins Glen Grand Am Cup Series event in June. An aggressive marketing plan that will define Hyper Sport
Engineering products and services is underway and an announcement regarding the racing effort will be available

very soon. Additional information about Hyper Sport is coming available online at For further
information or questions you can send inquiries to [email protected].

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this only mentions products for the Esprit. Maybe they don't plan on supporting the Elise.

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"The Hyper Sport Engineering 10,000 square foot facility will be the center for all work done on Esprits as well as future Elise products. "
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