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I must Thank all the posters that have been so kind and caring in my plight to finally taking ownership of an Esprit.

Without you Guys ,I don't think I would have done it.

You brought me common sense when I was too excited.
You brought me to be a realist when my expectations were too high.
You brought me to the joy of ownership and the expected downfalls.

Most of all the Education!

Thanks Gentlemen for your Sincere concern as well if I can make a good purchase and your concern for having my back at times and being so inviting and making me happy to join the Lotus Ownership.

Colin Chapman would be honoured to belong here.:UK:

As I am.

There's a song in there somewhere isn't it?::p

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Congrats! I was in the same boat and the guys here were most helpful. Even some of the local guys whom I had never met were ready to come and lend a helping hand when I was having boost issues. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Yes you, the one in the silver V8! :clap:
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