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Here is the email I'd sent to Lotus U.K.:

I am a potential Lotus Elise customer. I would like to
know what the U.S. Production will be for the 2005 and
2006 model years? The reason why I ask is most of the
dealers have only delivered between 5 - 10 cars thus
far and are only getting ready to order their second
batch of 10 cars in December or so. With over 2000
cars on order, will you be able to meet the
production? The ramp-up for production has been slow,
so is there going to be some type of increase in
production to catch-up?
Thank you,
U.S. Lotus Elise Enthusiast (I've been watching the
Elise in the U.K. since the S1 has been introduced)

Here is the response directly from Lotus (not much change from what they've said):

Hi Robert,
We are working diligently to delivery as many Elise's as possible. Lotus Cars will Produce around 2200 Federal Elise's per year. We are on plan to meeting this quantity and do not perceive any holdbacks or problems.
Thanks for your interest in Lotus Cars

I couldn't believe they got back to me (in about four days). I just went on the UK website and looked up the contact information and sent the email off. The production numbers are encouraging. I hope they follow through!
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