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I got the sill protectors... How to mount them?

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I have the sill protectors with license mount protector. They look to be well made. Very much like they looked in the pictures previously posted.
They are designed to stick on. The only question is this: Should I stick them on over the Clear-bra or should I remove the Clear-bra from where I will stick it? I don’t want them to fall off or losen the Clear-bra. They do seem pretty light but I still wonder how secure the Clear-bra could hold them if I do just stick them over it.

What do you all think? Does anyone have any experience with Clear-bra and sticking items like this on it?
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What type of adhesive is on the back? An acrylic foam type adhesive, especially 3M, is very strong. It would hold the plate onto the 3M film quite easily. You can pick this adhesive up at your local auto parts store.
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