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I caught this little bit from someone on Says he's from Laguna Beach.

He said,

" 05 Elise - They better make it right...for $38.5k base price...we all know the chassis is great, but the engine and tranny choice will be a huge factor. Being an Elise Motorsports owner, I am automatically offered one of the first cars that arrives...we'll see".

Is this true? If you own an elise you get one of the first S2's automatically? If so, I had not heard this at all.

He goes on to say,

The US Elise is supposed to arrive mid next year. The only thing the insiders are willing to say is that they are ahead of schedule and the car is ready to come in and they have met their target performance requirements. They can't bring it in the US sooner because they have a contract with Rover which prevents them from selling any Elise w/o a Rover engine until it expires. The 2 engines the press had talked about being in it is the Toyota 1.8 or the Ecotech 2.2...I am hoping for the Toyota. There is another rumor that it could be the Toyota V6 as it is very light and more torque to satisfy US customers......

So this is why we dont have the car yet? Hmmmmm, Im wondering if anything this guy says is based in fact or his imagination?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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