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I wrecked my car and I am looking for advice on insurance buy back

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Ok, first off glad Im still here to type this. Last week I put my elise through a utility pole. Walked away with ten staples in my head, but the car suffered alot of front end damage. The insurance company wants 8k on a buy back. I believe the engine/transmission are fine and the left side of the car is in good shape. The right front wheel flew off, and I have that in the garage. (sheriff brought it to me two days after the accident, hit a house). Anyways, is there anyone out there that would be interested in the car or do you think its worth it to parts it out. Im still really bummed out about the whole thing. Sucks knowing I wont be driving a lotus for a long time.




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First, glad you're (somewhat) OK. Utility poles aren't very forgiving.

I'm not sure you can $8K out of the remaining parts, based on the pics.

You'd have to be handy to strip it down the bare parts. I'm guessing the front right suspension and tub are toast?


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I'm with Wayne - looks like you've also toasted your rear clam (which would have been worth a grand or so) leaving you with the engine/trans plus the interior (so seats basically). Once you've sold those bits you will then have to dispose of the rest too :( - not sure it is really worth the trouble plus you will have the reminder that you can't drive it staring you in the face through out the experience :(:(

Take the money (negotiate - their first offer won't be their best) and leave the wreck.

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8k may not be bad if the chassis is straight. Suspension damage is really no big deal. Chassis damage IS a bit of a deal, however. If there is chassis damage, something like $4k would be good for the remaining bits.

I'll look for this on auction, but knowing a certain BEAR, he will get it!

Whats the VIN?

What's your location?
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