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Again, posted in the FB group.

Ok, idea for next meet. Day trip/drive to Mt Scott. Eat breakfast, make the drive, do lunch at Mt Scott and enjoy scenery and drive back. About 95 miles from OKC. Check out the road going up the "mountain" on this google maps link:

mt scott, ok - Google Maps

Here is also a picture I found on google of the view from up top:

Good idea? Suggestions? Who would be interested? If everyone would be down, I'd like to start planning this soon before weather gets too cold for it. Who's up for it?!?

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Sounds awesome, but I may be done for the driving season. My Saturdays are as followed:
Oct 20th: Rugby game in Shreveport
Oct 27th: Wedding in Chicago
Nov 3: Wedding in St. Louis
Nov 10: In the middle of a weeklong trip to Maui
Nov 17: FREE!
Nov 24: Denver for Thanksgiving
Dec 1: Rugby game in OKC
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