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Thanks for taking the time to read this. I would value your opinion.
Car: Lotus Elise 111R (Late 2004)
Problems: 1 High idle speed
2 Ossilating speedometer needle
3 Erratic air intake noises

I bought this car one year ago. From that time the engine management light has always been on. Taken to the dealership in Dublin who ran it through the computer but no real fault was noted. Initial problems have essentially been that when cold the engine idles at circa 1200RPM. Once the 70 degree temperature light comes and following a period of acceleration, the idle speed will not go below 2000RPM.
I have been controlling this by engaging the clutch slightly when stationary and eventually the revs fall down but they will raise up when the clutch disengages.
However yesterday when sitting in a long traffic jam the speedometer needle began ossilating between 0 and 60 mph when I was stationary. Shortly after this the air intake which is fitted with a 'Pipercross induction kit' started making what can only be described as electrically driven and sounding gasps for air. This worried me somewhat and so I stopped and let the engine cool down. During normal movement the car doesn't make these sounds but when stationary the noises return.

I would love to hear from you if you have had a similar problem and know any possible causes or solutions.
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