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If I had a rear main seal leak, what would that look like?

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I have some engine oil leaking from my Elise it seems to be collecting right around the area of the transmission drain plug and dripping off of the trans right where the drain plug is. Smelling it though, I don't think it's trans fluid. It doesn't have the distinct trans fluid smell. I believe it's engine oil.

The part that terrifies me is that I just had to replace the clutch about 1000 miles ago, and I went ahead and put in a new rear main oil seal at the same time just because I was that deep into the engine already. I am absolutely praying that I didn't screw up the rear main seal while I was installing it and cause a leak from it.

I'm pretty sure this cannot be the rear main seal leaking though. I see the hole in the bottom of the trans bellhousing, and there's no fluid coming out of it. If it was a rear main, I'd have oil coming out of that hole, right? (Right?!? :eek: )

I'm really hoping that this is just an oil pan leak or a filter leak. If I caused a rear main leak and I have to tear the whole trans out again, I may cry. :facepalm

Edit: Actually, now that I'm looking at a photo of the engine from underneath, I have no idea how there could be an oil leak all the way back there. I don't think it could be the filter, but I don't think it could be the rear main either. Again, unless I'm wrong, it appears that the oil way for a rear main leak to actually show up on the outside of the engine would be if it was flowing out of the hole in the bellhousing, which it isn't.

Maybe the oil pan? I know I've got to just remove the belly pan and check it out, but I just want some kind of assurance it's not the rear main.
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^^ What TommyC said.... I had this same thing and was convinced it must be the rear seal. Replaced the dipstick o-ring and that fixed it.
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