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Ignition noise, problem?

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You know when you turn your key to the II position and everything comes on, but you haven't started the car? There's a noise (hum/buzz) that can faintly be heard coming from the engine bay (not the fuel pump priming).

Tonight I was checking some things and happen to have the engine lid open and the window down in the garage and could hear the noise much more clearly, and it didn't sound right, which is why I'm posting.

The noise is coming from this area...

The cause for my concern is the fact that the noise isn't perfectly constant, but sounds, for lack of a better analogy, like a bad electrical connection. I just want to know if it's a TADTS type of thing, or if I possibly have a bad connection.

Also, anyone know the actual name of this sound, like Ignition-On Alarm?
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Ok just heard the same noise in my car in my garage

Does not sound right.... Hope it's the cause of my CEL

Anyone know what the noise might be or update to this thread?
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