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Hi all,

First off, I apologize for no pictures - I had to get everything back together so I could drive my car into work.

I was mucking around with the ignition switch of my Exige when the ignition switch popped apart and stuff went flying everywhere - for the third time that day. I was able to gather up everything (two small "Y" shaped metal connectors, small rectangle piece of plastic with a nub, and the round piece of plastic they sit in) except the small spring that pushes out the rectangular piece of plastic. I put things back together and it works, albeit very sloppily.

If I want to buy a replacement, I think that what I need is the ignition switch as described in this thread:

If I understand correctly, I need to pop off the piece of plastic holding the four wires by releasing a retaining barb, remove the old ignition switch (not sure how yet - hopefully the manual will say), and re-install.

Am I on the right track here? Or does someone out there have a source for the really small spring?

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