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ignition switch won't turn off

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so i had this problem with my alarm going crazy and not turning off earlier today:

and now i got it home, but the ignition switch won't turn off!!! when i take the key out, the engine stays on until i stall it out, and then i have to manually turn off my sector111 battery switch

battery switch has never served a problem
battery is 2 months old, is always on a tender when the car sits for 2+ days

this is the first time this car has ever showed any types of trouble

here's a video of what's happening:
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I had this exact problem 4 months ago. I used my spare key to lock and unlock the car and somehow that managed to reset something and the old key fob started working and the car went back to normal.

Then 2 months after that, it happened again. This time I used lock grease in the ignition because I suspected it may be that the ignition switch was worn out and not clicking over. It seemed to fix the problem for another 2 months.

Then, yesterday on a road trip, the car was having problems starting after stoping for gas. It would just completely die after starting and the dash and interior light would go off. I discovered that if I jiggled the battery it would start and stay running until i had to get gas. I would repeat the process of jiggling the battery. I suspected an electrical short of some type but then I discovered that if I turned off the AC and everything else prior to turning the ignition off it seemed to solve the problem.

Today, even after more lock grease, everything turns off with the key out except the radio stays on!!! I have no idea what is going on. I think I am having multiple issues at the same time. I ordered a new battery and switch from Sector111 (since mine appears to be leaking acid).

What did you end up doing? Is yours working now?
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