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Howdy all! I'm a Lotus newbie/wannabee in North Vancouver, B.C.

I owned and drove a good dozen or more LBCs in my early youth through the '60s & '70s when they were plentiful, reasonable to own & easy to keep back in the day.

I rejoined the mayhem 8 years ago with a well restored & Collector plated '74 MGB in BRG that I've enjoyed very much during it's stay with me. I sold "OMG" a few weeks ago since I'm ready for a change. The new custodian agreed to stay in touch and take me for a drive once a year, nice fellow he is too, which made for a comfortable sale.

After a good deal of DD and viewing/driving half a dozen "select & mostly originale" olde LBCs, I ran across a local advert for a "1991 Lotus Elan M100 with 74Kms, 5 speed, normal 165hp now 200 hp courtesy of the V5 chip." which has tweaked my interest as I have always been a fanboy of the marque, but haven't shared the experience as yet.

So here I am boys and girls, trying my best to soak up some initial insight into quite another level of mayhem and awaiting a reply from the seller.

I will ask the seller if he is a member of Lotus Talks or Lotus Elan Central once we connect.

So far I have picked up a few tips from other's posts such as carefully reviewing documented service records and a number of high-point refit/maintenance necessities and I'm open to any collective wisdom any member would care to share. Appears to be a fairly steep & potentially spendy learning curve involved in such a refined vehicle, however the best place to start is here at the beginning.

Needless to say, but I will.... local input is very much welcomed.

Cheers & try your best to stay safe out there while still having a bit o' fun, eh.

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M100s are GREAT top-down fun! Welcome. "Best-Handling front wheel drive car ever made"

Make sure the power windows work...18 months ago they were scarce (the plastic stuff falls apart from age).

This YouTube channel has lots of good information:

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