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O.K. I'm new to this forum and excited about it.
I have a 2004 R53 (supercharged) Mini Cooper. Original owner. It now makes 220 Hp and all the work I've done myself (and some together with my 19 YO daughter). Some track time both me and her. It's now becoming her every day driver. So, I have my eyes on a '05 - '06 Elise! In particular one for sale by Wire Wheels in Vero Beach Fl. This one has a rebuilt FL title. Only I have to wait 2 weeks until I can get there, aarg! :popcorn: Any comments, input, suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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1. Read the uber thread.
2. Obsess about things that will seem much less important in a year or two
3. Go to the gokart track and practice driving a vehicle similar to your future Lotus
4. Browse the BOE, Sector 111 and other sites to see where your money will soon be
5. Go for a ride with that cool daughter.
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