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I'm Selling An Elise on Ebay!

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Ok, well not really. See for yourself:

I know, I know... I have too much time on my hands :D
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transio said:
Ok, well not really. See for yourself:

I know, I know... I have too much time on my hands :D

I like it.

Your "ad" is great! I'm curious to see if any of the other sellers say anything to you.
why do you all have such a problem with people trying to make more money off this car? If it has any effect on the market at all it will be to keep our resale values high. We're capitalists, it's such a waste of energy to get mad at the market.

Great job Steve :p
offroadr35 said:
why do you all have such a problem with people trying to make more money off this car?
Why do you have a problem with me having a problem with it? I'll tell you what, though... the majority of my "problem" is with the fact that these people are flat out lying about facts and trying to take advantage of people. You don't have a problem with that either?
I'm current high bidder!1 yippeee:)
zvezdah1 said:
I'm current high bidder!1
You better not be a deadbeat bidder. I'll leave you a negative feedback!!! :D
I had to outbid you Chris - sorry;)

I can't believe that I am actually high bidder for a lotus elise:D
Great work Steve! Nice thinking.
High bidder! High bidder! I can't believe that I might have the chance to buy the opportunity to read something about the right to buy the possibility of, of, of, well, something. Something about the Elise for sure. Go Elise. Woo!
From your Ebay Ad;
"Lotus will only import 2,500 of this highly sought after vehicle."

Well I heard 2400 per year.

"This car is sold out for 2 years!!!"
This is yet to be determined, but I don't doubt that it is true for some dealers.

"This car will only get MORE expensive as the dollar drops vs. the pound"

Do you think if the exchange rate was $100 to £1 there would be no price increase?
Many here have speculated that the price of the Elise will increase. Bottom line is you cannot disprove this claim, as you cannot foresee the future.

"I'm selling this car because I hurt my knee and can't drive it now."

How do you know this is not a valid reason for selling a spot?
My dad hurt his knee and cannot drive stick anymore.

"Don't wait for this car, give me $10,000 and I'll let you buy my spot."

Yes stop the evil capitalist empire:rolleyes: Where do you live? Communist China?

And now so questions for you:
Why don't you post a similar ad for the people sell Ford GT spots?
After all they are all being offered for way over MSRP. Hell you could buy an Elise for just the amount over MSRP that the cheapest GT is going for.

Currently $45,000 over MSRP

$60,000 over MSRP

$60,000 over MSRP

Let be honest this little protest of your is being driven by sour grapes... You're afraid that raising prices will mean you end up having to pay more for your car. Quit sugar coating the source of your frustration. I find your post just as inaccurate as the spot seller's post. Worst still I find your post to be duplicitous.
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I wonder if it'll get yanked by Ebay? I doubt it will, since you are no 'violating' anything. Just curious.
er umm, probably because he's not in the market for gt40....???

Duplicitous, that doesn't sound good, but I think they have an ointment you can put on it for ten days, goes away.


Not a single one of your arguments is either qualified or valid. Furthermore, your argumenta ad hominem do nothing to support your point of view, and are quire puerile. Thanks for the laugh, though. I love you too!! ;) :p
I'm not a communist...

but I still think charging thousands of dollars for the OPPORTUNITY to buy something is wrong. Greedy.

Transio, aka Steve, I think your ad is fantastic. I would bid on it just for fun, but I'd rather show my support in this fashion: YOU JUST WON 1,000 LOTUS STYLE POINTS!!! Redeemable now, for use towards the never-ending respect of those who work hard for their money, and who don't try to scr*w the true fans of the Elise.
babak said:
I wonder if it'll get yanked by Ebay?
I'm sure Derek will write to a complaint them in the nature of "good" capitalist spirit!
From your ad:

Lotus is planning on building 2500 Elises for the US for 2005, but can build as many as TEN THOUSAND per year if the demand for the car justifies it.

Lotus has already stated that they are NOT GOING TO RAMP UP PRODUCTION TO 10k cars a year, as it would require going to triple shifts and they do not want to layoff people after demand dies down... You are a regular here and likely know this. If so you are BOLD FACE LYING to these people on EBay.... Good one... Three cheers for Steve:rolleyes:

The dollar IS weak vs. the pound RIGHT NOW. If the exchange rate changes, it will change for the BETTER, meaning that the price of the car will go DOWN, if anything.

Really... How do you know the dollar will rise against the pound? Can you see the future? Your Ad is a bunch of horse $hit!
I don't like their ads either, but your ad is not just misleading, it an outright lie.

I'm sorry to say it, but you are no better than the EBay poster.
Transio really isn't hurting anyone with his listing, and may in fact be helping people. If he saves someone from a shady deal, or if someone comes on here, and connects with someone who wants to give away their spot, then he'll have saved someone thousands of $$$. Given that he's really not charging for anything (the listing is clearly a shell), how can you really fault it?

Will ebay close it? They would if it were just an info listing (if they happened to notice it). But Transio is actually offering something -- a download of the "complete" manual (whatever the heck that is), so I don't think they would.

But to all who are so upset about people reselling, let me pose a very realistic hypothetical. You take possession of your new Lotus in June -- one of the very first -- at MSRP. A month later, you lose your job. Now, you have to sell your new baby. There's a waiting list a year long at your local dealer, so the resale value is over MSRP -- a very real possibility, in the first few months of production. You put an ad in the paper. What are you gonna sell it for? Will you say, "hey, it's $40K MSRP new, and this one is used, so I can only ask $35K."?

What if you're really noble, and you DO do that -- you list it at $35. (Or even $40K, since that's MSRP.) Three people want it, and they start a bidding war -- upping their offer. Do you say, "Sorry, I can't possibly accept over $35K (or $40). Just give me that."

C'mon. Of course you don't.

So what's the difference here? You don't like the fact that some people got on the list JUST to speculate. But what if they didn't? How do you know? Maybe the seller had every intention of buying, but he lost his job, and now he really needs the $$$? Is it really so different?

It's easy to sit back and emote righteous indignation, but truth be told, you could easily find yourself doing the same thing, if not in EXACTLY the same circumstance, at least in very similar circumstances. And then someone could come along and call YOU a scumbag.

I know I'm beating my head against the wall here, but this IS America, and this IS a capitalistic society. AS LONG AS THEY'RE NOT DECEIVING ANYONE (as long as the deal is on the up-and-up), then it's not illegal, and personally, I don't find anything immoral about it.

How long before I'm kicked off this board for such heresy??? ;)
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