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Implications of Reduced-Carbon-Footprint efforts on Elise!

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greetings. i have been a lurker for a very 'long' time! i came close to getting an Elise three years ago. but, i also wanted an MV Agusta/Ducati, at the same time. couldn't get the numbers work for me. so, ended up getting an S2000 and MV F4 (1000R). previously, all my cars but one, have been roadsters (3 Miatas and a Boxster S).

but, not getting an Elise bothered me a lot! i am really etching to get one. the timing doesn't seem right. i was laid off in april; but, found a gig in may. but, the economic situation is so certain, i am not sure if i should put myself in a higher car payment (and reduce my cash cusion).

so, i was thinking of waiting until 2011 redesign. but, after seeing the speculated, hideous and terrible Aston Martin's City Car concept, Cygnet (based on Toyota's iQ), i got paranoid. if performance car companies are forced to release really dump and terrible (from their core specialty) models to reduce their overall carbon footprint, what would happen to Lotus? what kind of implications would there be on the next generation Elise? would it completely go the route of hybrid/electric? or, simply a hybrid/electric version be offered to minimize the overall carbon footprint?

don't get me wrong; i am green as well. i live paperless (except TP!); recycle pretty much everything; support all green initiatives. but, being a car/motorcycle guy, i think that certain, low-volume products be exempted; or, find other ways to reduce their carbon footprint (i know, i am being selfish).

if you guys speculate that the next generation Elise is going to deviate dramatically from it's core essence, i would use that as an excuse (i am just looking for one!), cut my other expenses and pull the trigger! among other rationalizations, i would tell myself that i wouldn't change the car for a 'long' time! :)

sorry, if this topic has been debated/answered before. i don't check this site too often.

thanks for your comments


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...plenty of used cars will be on the market in two or three years, probably for less money than they are today...
The general idea of a light weight car will be even more important in the future than it is now, since that is one of the things that will improve efficiency the most. Lotus has already been in the forefront as far as this technology goes, as well as doing engineering consulting for other countries. I would say the future of the engineering section of Lotus is bright, and I would imagine they will continue to produce cars to show off their expertise. I think Lotus will do well in the future and will continue to specialize in low production sports cars. Others will probably be more knowledgeable about this, so listen to them. This is just my opinion, which ain't worth much. :rolleyes:
Lotus markets the Elise to middle mangers & executives as their company car based on its CO2 level acceptability. The Elise CO2/mile is one of the lowest due to its efficiency and low weight.

Lotus has be hinting at a hybrid for a while.

Don't worry, be happy.
thanks guys; appreciate your comments. i am gonna seriously think this through. i live in minneapolis. in about 3 months, things will start to cool off and we will slip into suspended animation for about 6 months! if i am going to do it, i would need to sell my S2K quick, before the summer wears off. then, look for deals! i am not worried about getting the Elise in winter, since i would slap on set of Blizzaks and keep driving!

thanks again.

...sportscar prices up north are generally lower during winter, too...
...sportscar prices up north are generally lower during winter, too...
good point. by the same token, the trade-in value for my S2K would be lower as well! can't have it both the ways! :)
Sell S2000 now, ride motorcycle till winter, then buy Lotus. Problem solved. :D
Sell S2000 now, ride motorcycle till winter, then buy Lotus. Problem solved. :D
that's an option i am considering! :)

you got cool toys, by the way!
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