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I've had my Elise for 72 hrs now and thought I would just highlight my initial impressions

Firstly, my biggest gripe has been that my plans for a long weekend of driving were shot down in flames. Due to family visits (primarily to view my car) and holiday BBQ's planned by my wife, I have really struggled to put any miles on the car. My driving experience has basically been limited to short trips with about 20 different passengers !! The only good thing about this has been that everyone of my passengers (young and old) has fallen in love with the car and thoroughly enjoyed their brief experience with the Elise.

The Elise has been all, if not more, than I expected and well worth the wait.

I can't say anymore about the positives that have not already been posted by other owners. It's fun to drive, IT'S FUN TO DRIVE, IT'S REALLY FUN TO DRIVE !!!!!!

For the negatives, I don't have any yet with respect to performance and handling. The only gripes I have are very minor, and are basically cosmetic, and have been noted by others

The radio is a piece of crap - All bling, no sing. Those owners to be for whom decent audio reproduction is important, I would recommend passing on the Blaupunkt and demo'ing some after market systems first. Having said that it could be the acoustics (or lack therof) in the cabin that is the problem. With the engine off I can just about tune the system to an acceptable level, however as soon as the engine is running and the car is moving, all the bass seems to disappear. I'm wondering if this has something to do with interference from the low frequency sounds coming from the engine or exhaust (perhaps some of our acoustic experts can comment on this)

There's no standard way of securing the soft top in the trunk. I know a few posters have listed their own improvised methods but I still think this was a basic oversight on behalf of Lotus

The L-O-T-U-S letters on the back are somewhat inadequate. I had seen some previous posts about this but not really paid much attention to them. Now that I have my car I feel the stick on letters do not go with the aggresive/muscular rear view of the car. Without prompting, my father-in-law made the same comment.

All in all Lotus is definitely on to a winner here.
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