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Initial camber setup

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the stock settings in the front I'm sure would have resulted in unwanted outside tire wear at the track, it was LF -.2 and RF -.4.

The odd thing is the driver side is capable of substantially less negative camber than the passenger's. Has anyone else experienced this? We ended up removing all the shims and the bracket from the driver's sider to get -0.8 and on the passenger side we left in only the bracket which resulted in -1.1. These were on the front. The rear is LR -1.7 RR -1.9, we left it unchanged. the other odd occurrence is when I was sitting in the car the camber on the driver's side became more positive and more negative on the passenger, intuitively opposite and also with the desparity, opposite of what I would have liked to see happen.
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I would be interested in this information as well. I am getting ready to align my car as well. I want as much negative front camber as possible.

Randy has a thread covering his alignment experience. You might want to check it out here
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