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The full price of a swap is anywhere from 12k to 20k....

The engine and tranny combo goes for 4 to 7k. This one is only 2k. You save 2.5k!

You will need (a partial list):

1. Engine mounts. about $1k +
2. Axles. $500 to $800
3. Shift Linkage adapter.
4. Cooling system hoses.
5. Electrical.
6. Honda K-pro is $1k.
7. Exhaust header. $2k
8. Some intake plumbing...

I see $7k above + lots of work.....

It is late at night....

There is a very detailed thread elsewhere here.... Please, forgive me, I was not going to restart it here.

I think a K20 conversion is the greatest thing a Lotus can have!!! But it is not that cheap or easy... I converted mine.

Actually it IS relatively cheap!
Have you seen Porsche engine prices? Even my lowly Boxster with a 2.5l 6 cyl goes for like 20k. That's just for the engine, the whole car is worth like 12k. Go figure that one out. I have an accounting degree and I still think its some sort of trick question. :)
Makes my Viper stuff seem cheap.

K20 Elises are Waaaaay Kool!
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