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The full price of a swap is anywhere from 12k to 20k....

The engine and tranny combo goes for 4 to 7k. This one is only 2k. You save 2.5k!

You will need (a partial list):

1. Engine mounts. about $1k +
2. Axles. $500 to $800
3. Shift Linkage adapter.
4. Cooling system hoses.
5. Electrical.
6. Honda K-pro is $1k.
7. Exhaust header. $2k
8. Some intake plumbing...

I see $7k above + lots of work.....

It is late at night....

There is a very detailed thread elsewhere here.... Please, forgive me, I was not going to restart it here.

I think a K20 conversion is the greatest thing a Lotus can have!!! But it is not that cheap or easy... I converted mine.

You got ripped off if you paid $12,000-$20,000 for a K-swap.

I bought my K24a2 for $1,500 and a nearly new '08 Si trans with LSD for $1,300 (probably could have found one for around $1,000 if I wanted to settle for more miles and generally worse condition).

Axles - $700
Mounts - $400
Electrical (including harnesses and Kpro) - somewhere around $1,500
Misc plumbing (coolant and such) - somewhere around a couple hundred bucks.
Misc hard parts (clutch, flywheel, starter, alternator, etc) - varies alot depending on quality you want.
Misc odds and ends - again, it varies on your setup. Surge tanks, AN lines, custom fabricated stuff, powder coating, etc.

If you do an NA K-swap... I'd expect to spend anywhere from $5,000 all the way to $8,000 (somewhere in the middle is more realistic). The most expensive part for me will be the turbo setup. On turbo stuff alone, I'll be into the swap another $2,500 - $3,500.

In the end, I'll be making 400hp to 500hp for less than $10,000... easy. I actually think I could do it for about $8,000... but I budgeted for $10k just in case something breaks or certain parts don't work out as planned.

If it takes you $20,000 to K-swap a Lotus, well, you just don't know what you are doing and probably shouldn't have a Lotus anyway.

I will agree with you that a K-swap is not just a walk in the park deal. It is very difficult... but not impossible. In 2005, a K-swap was probably a $20k job because it was uncharted water. Now you can buy nearly everything right off the shelf. The only thing that has been a really annoying challenge is finding a chassis wiring harness. Nobody makes them anymore. I have literally called people all over the world to beg them to divulge their secrets... but I had no luck. Ultimately, I've concluded that I am just going to make my own harness.

I understand that most people don't have the ability to do a K-swap on their own and it seems like a daunting task, but let me reassure you; It's possible... very possible. I am no professional mechanic by any means, I just have alot of motivation to do this on my own. Luckily, I have alot of very knowledgeable friends that are into the whole Honda tuner scene. 99% of their knowledge of Honda's directly translates to the whole K-swap process. It's taken me a while to get used to all the Honda parts and numbers, but that's just the learning curve for those of us Lotus guys that are used to the Toyota world.

The moral of the story: If you've even considered the idea of a K swap... just do it and don't look back! It is a challenge and it does cost quite a bit of money, but it's not even close to impossible and it's absolutely worth it. I've had alot of fun doing it so far and I'm still a couple days away from dropping my K24 in.

Too many, don’t care.
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I am highly tempted. This is basically most of the high priced items required to do a swap, right?

The K20Z1 is a highly sought after setup that typically goes for about $4,000 (complete).

The K series of engines range greatly. It's a bit dated, but here is basically the master K thread...

WhatsADSM (Murray) is a very knowledgeable guy (and one of the few guys left that knows how to make a chassis harness for the swap). I can't remember if he explains the differences between all the engines... but trust me, do lots of research before you decide on which one you want. Some have very minute differences... but they matter... alot. I chose the K24a2 because I wanted the extra displacement for my particular build. I also chose my transmission for a specific purpose.

Do the swap, you won't regret it.
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