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Hello to everybody
Few weeks ago I have bought 2005 Elise . Right now i am trying to do it more track friendly . Removing a/c , windows , air bags , replacing windshield ...... Car is strictly for track
I have found a lot good info on forums , about what belt is used after a/c is removed , how much diferent parts weigh ,fuel pump reset swich ........
I found some info about removing cat but not much about o2 sensors . I'm trying to install dual carbon fiber racing exaust , it will go from headder straight back . there are 2 oxigen sensors one before cat converter and one after . Once c c is removed second sensor gets diferrent reading . Engine check light comes on . From what I know in most cars performance slightly decreases once engine check light comes on . So the first sensor still would get same reading second one not . would performance decrease , is yes ,are there any way to "fool " sensor so car still performs at its peak???
I am sure I'm not first one to remove cat converter ( it weighs a ton) just I couldn't find much info dealing with this problem .
Any sugestions or any links where more info can be found . Thanx
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