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Insulated Soft Top

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I have an insulated soft top that I bought to fit my exige but I have decided not to since Im selling the car. No rails or bag.
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Lowtush, I just purchased an 05 Elise with comfort pack but my top does not seem to have any extra insulation. It just feels like a thin piece of canvas. Does yours have a noticeable thickness to it? I'm thinking I did not receive the original top...

Quick ebay search answered my question. I clearly do not have the touring top. At least my post count is increasing...
Sorry Lowtush but I can't PM or email "Patiotray" so I have to use your thread:

Patiotray: Let me know if you want to upgrade to the touring top. I'm looking for a non-insulated one.

I'm Interested

Bane - I sent a PM but I'm not sure it's working for me yet. I'm interested, but why do you want to trade?
I have an Exige so I don't have a soft top. If you find a touring top I'll buy your base model one.

Your "" email address returned to sender by the way.
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