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Sownman said:
I read 12, but either way, not much. I was also under the impression that the tour package insulation is aimed at sound deadening, not cooling.
I asked about this at the LA auto show, and according to Nick Adams (Lotus Engineer), the weight is "about 15 pounds". If they are still fiddling with bits of the interior, 12-15 sounds like a reasonable range; I don't know how they'd be able to provide a spec to the nearest gram if things are still jiggling around a bit.

As far as insulation, he noted that the aluminum chassis is very good at conducting heat from the engine, and that the touring package insulation makes the car MUCH more comfortable temperature wise- the extra insulation (both in the top and in the carpets & firewall) is definitely directed at both noise AND temperature.

For what it's worth...

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