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Interior color choices with non-Touring interior?

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Can someone at the show please clarify this for me:
If I opt NOT to get the Touring package, will I still get a choice of interior leather color or is it only the black cloth/black leather combo? I really don't want the Touring package but I do want Biscuit leather.

Thanks in advance!
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The dealer order guide lists black as the only color for the std. interior.
Why doesnt Ardent Red have Red Leather seats as an option with the touring package?

Is it because the door sills are painted body color and the red leather door insert panels would look strange inside the car?
The standard non-touring is only offered in black.
Randy Chase said:
The standard non-touring is only offered in black.
That sucks.

Why then does the silver one shown with the Touring pack have wind up windows?
Good catch! The reason is that some of the cars, specially the silver, are hybrid cars. They are not really production cars. Some of dashboard bits were mock ups and not the final items.

I was told that the Silver car was a Touring Package, except that the window winders were manual and the carpeting was missing.
According to the order guide, the standard interior comes in black only. The touring package offers black, blue, red or biscuit, according to the order guide (it's posted on SELOC if you want to check it out). It also lists recommendations for interiors based on exterior color (e.g., Saffron Yellow is recommended with black leather interior only, not biscuit or red or blue).
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