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1993 Red Lotus Esprit SE
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I'm looking for replacement A-pillars for my early 93 Stevens Esprit. I know there were some minor changes to the S4 interior when the passenger airbag (LHD) was added and then again when the total interior was revamped. I found some A-pillars from a 98 on Ebay. Would they be interchangeable?

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Are the part numbers 93 VS 98 different? 馃槇

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Below are snapshots from 3 different versions in the parts manuals. It's a bit confusing but bottom line it does seem there are different part numbers for the different models:

This supposedly covers the "Turbo 93-96," see item 7:


The next one, from the same manual, supposedly covers "98 MY," see item 15:


Third and last, from a different manual, claims to cover "1996-2004," item 15:


Seems a bit inconsistent and convoluted, but maybe good for a reference.
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