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Does anyone know if any interior dimensions are published anywhere? I know the overall width, but I'd love to know the following:
1. Diameter of steering wheel
2. Distance from edges of steering wheel to both doors.
3. Distance door to door.
4. Sill width (from edge of closed door) and height off floor.
5. Height and width of driver's and passenger's foot wells.
6. Width of seat bottom (total and between bolsters)
7. Width of seat back (total and between bolsters)
8. Distance from floor to top edge of seat bottom.
9. Distance from bottom of steering wheel to floor.

What I’d really love would be to actually see and sit in an Elise, but next to that, the dimensions would really be great. If anyone will have access to an Elise, please take a tape measure along with your camera. Are any of you non-US folks who own Elise’s willing to measure your cars (even if they are S1s)?
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