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Interior & door lights

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I'm trying to hunt down a problem and could use some guidance in this area (and from what everyone tells me many other areas as well).

Currently, when the passenger door is opened the interior light comes on and a light in both doors come on. When I open the drivers door no lights come on. It sound like something simple, but as you can tell from the picture there has been some re-wiring done and I'm trying to sort it out.

What is the function of the two pressure switches on the drivers side? The passenger side only has one pressure switch.

Thank you


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The two switches on the driver's door are identical. (At least, they were from the factory. Looks as if one of yours, the silver one, has been replaced.)

One is for the interior and door lights, the other is for the seat belt buzzer.

Years ago, I disassembled both my switches and cleaned the contacts. I have pictures somewhere if you want me to post them.

I gotta tell you though, my "fix" only lasted a year or two. Now, I have to jiggle the black button on the driver's side if I need to see where to sit at night...:p

Maybe, today's fix is to clean the contacts again and install low-amperage LEDS in the light bulb sockets.

PS: say what you want about Lucas, but the switches are interesting. They can be assembled two ways, one way Normally Open or the other Normally Closed. Very clever...if they only worked more than a year. rotfl

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It's a beautiful day and this is today's project, I now have a correctly operating interior light. It's not a big issue but it's something else off the list. Thanks to Atwell (carbuff) for clarifying what the two switches are for.

While reading thru the shop manual this AM I came across the following statement:
"A switch in the bottom right of the left hand switch panel can be used to illuminate the light when the doors are closed"

Not sure what to think of it.
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