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2020 Evora GT in Formula Red, coordinated black+red interior, windowed engine hatch
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I just read something that said we are required to do an "Intro" post when joining the site. I sort of did that in this thread, but figured I should follow up with a bit more here.

I can't possibly compete with some of the special car history I've read about here. You folks often have dozens of impressive vehicles in your past, while our 2020 Evora GT is our very first "special car". But I may be able to distinguish myself with the broad spectrum of vehicle types we have. And these are just what we have around right now!

First off, the ones that don't really need photos. We have a 2011 Toyota Sienna AWD minivan which our 18YO son uses as his "man van". He takes it to CalPoly SLO when they're bothering to operate the university (thanks, COVID-19) and it serves him well transporting the track equipment associated with his drone racing. He's ranked 4th in the world and has represented the USA two years running on TeamUSA, competing in China at the World Cup. Yeah, we're pretty proud of him. (It's worth noting that this means we've had another copy of the Evora GT's V6 engine in the family for the past nine years, since it's what they use in the Sienna.)

We also have a 2018 Honda Pilot AWD that is my wife's primary vehicle. You might be noticing the prevalence of AWD... we not only live in the snowy Inland Pacific Northwest, but also in a very aggressive snowbelt on a gravel road. So four wheel drive is basically a requirement in the winter.

Continuing with land vehicles, my "primary driver" (not counting the Evora GT) is a 5.9L Cummins diesel engine and Mercedes Benz G36 6 speed manual transmission that came wrapped in a 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 one ton short bed truck:


It doesn't accelerate like the Lotus but if you need something hauled or towed, this is the machine to do it.

Next up we have a 1996 Seadoo XP jetski (with friends riding it):


...and a 1997 Seadoo GSX jetski (again with friends):


...both of which are on their trailers right now waiting for my son and I to install fresh Rotax 787cc 110 HP engines in them. The engines are over 20 years old at this point so enough seals are starting to "go" that it's more economical to install reman's than to tear them down and rebuild them. Yes, there are more powerful models these days but these are the Lotus of jetskis - compact, low mass, high thrust to weight, and without all the gimmicks and other nonsense. So they're getting a refresh.

Back on land, we have three Polaris ATV's. Two of them, a 2004 Sportsman 700 V-twin and a 2006 Sportsman 600 being ridden by friends, are in this photo:


...and we also have a Predator 90 that was my son's machine. He's a bit big for it now {grin} so I need to go through its fuel and electrical systems and sell it to the next family.

When things get too dusty on the trails, we can hit the water with our 2009 Tige 24Ve wakeboat:


It has a 5.7L GM-block-based V8 engine that is bone stock. But the rest of the boat has been extensively modified so it will create a very long and very tall wave like this:


...which we surf for hours. Fuel burn rate is impressive: 12+ GPH when we're cranking out a wave like this one! Water is heavy and we're moving a LOT of it.

I'll wrap up with the coupe d'grace land vehicle: A Case 580SK:


...which we originally purchased to build a 140 foot long, 16 foot high retaining wall out of ecology blocks to turn the utterly useless gully behind our house into a huge flat grassed backyard (this is about half its final height):


What we've discovered about loader-backhoes is once you own one, you cannot get rid of it. Some new project always comes up. And now that we live on a lake at the end of a gravel road, guess who gets to plow said road? Guess what tool is best suited for that? So we designed a custom, articulated 9ft wide snowplow which attaches to the bucket and ties into the 4-in-1 bucket's hydraulics and we plow the neighborhood road system with that during the winter.

There you have it. We cannot compete with all the fast and cool-looking vehicles that folks list here, but maybe we win in the "broad spectrum" category.


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That's an impressive introduction.
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