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iPad Mini Mounted in Elise/Modular Approach

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Ok, so I wanted to be able to mount a mini in my car for:

- DashCommand (integrate withe OBDII unit)
- Nav (MotionX)
- Bluetooth music stream to headunit

Didn't want to do anything permanent, so I created a modular solution that allows me to quickly put my iPad on (held steady) and then switch it back over to my Garmin Nuvi for nav when needed (since I don't have a data plan iPad).
The iPad will connect via wifi to my iPhone (used as hotspot) and via Bluetooth to the OBDII and the head unit.

I used:

- RLS Mount - you know what it is
- Quad Lock Mounts (two female 'Universal Adaptors') - Amazon
- Quad Lock Tripod Mount (hacked it up to use the 'male' mount. - Amazon
- Easy Fit AirVent Mount (air vent part not used) - Amazon
- Plastifix - the greatest thing in the world - already had
- 3M 08101 Adhesive (already had)

Quad Lock ‐ Quad Lock, Universal Adapter, Phone mount, Quad Lock Mount, Android Mount

Garmin mount first:

1. Took the standard Garmin mount and cut it down flat with my Dremel. Then I filled in the empty gaps with Plastifix (power plus liquid = INSTANT rigid plastic). Sanded flat.
2. Affixed Quadlock female adapter mount to back. Uses 3M VHT tape - super strong!
3. Superglued the mount to the Garmin (photo).

Now, to iPad.

1. Used just the mount from the Amazon vent thing. Filled in the openings on the back with abs plastic shavings and Plastifix to give it a nice flat surface. Used more ABS (some sheet I had laying around) that I urethaned on to form the flat rectangular surface that goes all the way to the bottom of the mount.
2. Played in car with right spot and then affixed the Quadlock female adapter to the back.

Now to the RLS mount.

1. Took the MALE Quadlock adapter. Used my dremel to cut it down and then shaved flat. Basically, I wanted a low profile male 'stub'.
2. Used the 3M urethane adhesive to glue it to the place on the RLS mount where I wanted it (trial and error). Let it cure overnight.

Then I used the SEM color coat (satin black) and painted it all. This stuff is AMAZING. It's $10 a can and goes on easily - not very smelly and dries super fast. No real prep needed. Unfortunately, it was a bit dark for my '08 'Sensusoft' interior, so I'm not hitting it up with my custom mixed Plastidip (50/50 plastidip and naptha) through a $5 Preval sprayer - makes for a perfect finish.


So, now I have the RLS mount that is 'modular'. The Garmin just stays 'locked on' (and I have it hardwired so now cords dangling). When I want to use the iPad, I just put it in the mount, remove the Garmin and attach the iPad on the 'quad lock' stub.

Easy and fun!

Oh, and extra bonus, the way I have the iPad positioned, I can use the video camera aspect of it to video what's in front - dash cam perhaps? Russian policemen beating motorists?
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Nice mod!

Do you have pictures showing the back of the ipad when mounted? Or a top down view? I am curious as to how far away it stays from the dash and from the car controls / wheel. Do you think this kind of mod will work on the track?

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Just seeing this. I'll get pics.

It does project out far because those quadlock mounts are so shallow. That was a big thing for me.

As for track, not sure. I'm planning on getting it on the car for some spirited driving to see how it holds up. My goal for the ipad is to have a 'large-ish' display for DashCommand. The other cool thing is that the camera eye sits about the dash so you could effectively use it as a dashcam for track. HAve the Ipad filming the front of the car and have a GoPro on your rear window or harness bar to film your hands.
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