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Hi all.
today I took my Evora S IPS (2013) for a nice ride. Exit from my garage, drive in my garden in 1st, 2nd gears and then, after 500mt, drive on road.
1st gear, 2nd gear and suddenly cars starts to "flutter" around 3/4k rpm. No way to change gear and no way to accelerate, simply "blocked". Try to shift up and down gears, no way so I brake and park on the road side; during this operation display show me all action I take 20 seconds before to try to change gear (Like PC when freeze and afer some seconds it execute all previous commands)... and situation turn to normal.
I turn off car and then turn on; make a ride for about 60km without any problems. Shift works well at any speed or rpm range, no problem at all.
In 8'000km I've not any issue with transmission; only one time (2'000km ago) when, during an "hard" brake near a cross, car shifts from 4th gear to 2nd and then turn off.
What happened today could be very very dangerous If it happened during an overtaking.

My problem is similar, but not the same, to THIS

Some info that could be useful:

Lotus Evora S IPS 2013 (about 11.000 miles)
When I took this car, 8 months ago, IPS had the latest upgrade at the moment
No problems before
I drive always (95%) in Sport mode and manual
No light on or error on display

TheThe only thing different from usual is that, yesterday, I read this topic and so today I tried this shortcuts with success before take my ride.

Thanks to anyone

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