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Driving home from VT today - i've been noticing this since i bought the car - but driving down RT 2 in MA - this is a 55mph road were most drivers are pretty darn conservative - i'm sitting at about 75-80 and i'm not passing anyone - ever since i got the car i've had this weird feeling like EVERYONE on the highway is driving faster then they used to - and now its to a point where it just doesnt' make sense to me - perhaps i'm going nuts but has anyone else felt like things weren't quite right with their speed?

i'm working on getting a friend to do a test with me on the highway so i can see - i'll let yah know - just curious if its even possible for a speedo to be wrong? what its based off and such

that being said the elise in VT is amazing! the roads are a dream come true and the elise almost acts bored on it! so much fun - not to mention the responses from everyone you meet who flip out over it
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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