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:bow:JAE in Goleta been proven to me with multiple online orders. NO affiliation, just:

-Outstanding customer service! Someone always there to pick up the phone, never been rushed, remarkable knowledge about our Lotus cars, full of resource and supplier and always shared them with us.
-Lightning fast shipping! Most of my part orders comes the next day! I don't know how they do it, but looks like they pack and send it to post office/fedex right away after hang-up the phone with them.
-Wide variety parts in stock! So far, I have NOT once told.. "let me order this from U.K. blah.." OEM or quality aftermarket :bow:
-Fair fair price! I still puzzled how can this business stay in business by making only approx 10% above their cost and they're very transparent about it. I can tell they're just hobbyist who provide all this for fun and happy to see all the Lotus Esprit on the road, car shows, and the track!

:clap:JAE Parts | Worldwide Premiere Distributor of Lotus Parts :UK:
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