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After a day of maint/mods in the garage yesterday, Trevor & I decided to head out, and take a little ride. We started out by heading to the Home Depot in Eldersburg - where a smattering of cars were there. Couple of street Rods, and the usual Mustang (kids) crowd. Usually, in the "on" season - The parking lot on every-other Saturday there serves as the alternate Saturday meeting place, for an informal cars drive-in and "show" that takes place on it's corresponding alternate Saturday, at the Jimmy-Cone in Mount Airy.

However, last night - just for fun, we decided to review our usual back-road run, for a dress rehersal as well, run to the Jimmy-Cone. Where much to our :eek: - it looks like the season had started up! So - what's the deal? :shrug: - Anyone know the 2009 summer season scheduling by chance, to either of these?

Hey Pugg - How about the Friday-nite Cruisers event at Lowe's/Abingdon? Any current/updated word on that one as well?

Woulda been nice to see a few more Lotus out - but probably like me, none of you knew this all was going on (yet) - or the current scheduling for any of it either. Kinda weird this year, with NO SPRING season to just ease into these things either at all! Less than 2 weeks ago, I was turning the heat on in the garage to protect the new R-888's. Then BAMO - Insta-summer here this year it is, in the MidAtlantic Region, it seems this year.

Hoping to re-acquaint with some of the "old" faces, and maybe meet up with the new at some of these this year now, sometime soon! :cool:
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