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Hi everyone!

Kind of a strange issue, and I don't think it's the standard wheel bolt problem. From what I've read on the wheel bolt issue is that it happens continuously. Every time I got over a somewhat significant bump I get a sort of jingling noise coming from what i think is the front driver's side wheel/suspension.

It's not a thunk, not a click, not RPM dependent, it's a jingle or rattle. Reminds me of a loose washer rattling between a bolt and a nut.

I have already removed the wheel, checked wheel bolt threads, checked suspension for worn out bushings, properly torqued the bolts, even tried swapping the bolts from the driver's to passenger side, still happening.

Only item related in that area is that my windshield washer fluid reservoir has definitely sprung a leak and is almost entirely drained, probably a seal somewhere in it. I don't really feel like that would be related, but just putting that out there as it is in that vicinity.

It's driving me a bit crazy. Any ideas?

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