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JRZ RS Pro for sale

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JRZ RS Pro $2600 shipped.

used for about 1500 miles. 5-6 track days the rest street driving.

Massive improvement from the track pack that came stock on my Exige S. Standard JRZ valving, very digressive. Much better support on the track, and a much smoother ride on the street. Better damping stresses the chassis less so the ride seems bit quieter too. My spring set up was 450lb/in up front with the OEM adjustable sway bar softened, 500lb/in in the back. I would guess they are good for 300-900 lb/in spring rates, so you can change to what ever you want to run. I ran the damping exactly in the middle, but there are 12 clicks of compression adjustment and 36 clicks of rebound adjustment.

I love the shocks and would never sell them except they are a little short for my driveway. The maximum ride height that still offers an acceptable travel range in compression and extension was about 123mm front and 128mm in the back. That was about 3mm too low for my driveway and I had to go slow and I cringed evertime the front spoiler gently scraped on the way in and out. Rebuilding them longer was pretty much the same price as buying new ones. I'm trying Blackwatch Racing's Penskes next, because they are designed to work at stock ride height.

They've been well taken care of, pretty much all the scratches in the photos were from installing and removing a couple of times. There is some cosmetic corrosion on the spacers as you can see in the pictures.

They worked so well on the track I never bothered to make any adjustment from the damping settings I started with. I think the next owner will be very impressed and with some adjusting and testing take them a lot further than I ever did. Or just use them on the street, they are super smooth and comfy for a Lotus. Let me know what questions you have.



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