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Okay boys and girls, The Junkman is back with another video series. This time I cover the proper technique of using a waterless wash product on your paint without damaging the paint. A lot of people experience scratches when using waterless wash products (even detail spray), because they use it at a inappropriate time. A waterless wash is a commonly misused product because of what is implied by the name. If you use it at a time when your car should be 2-bucket washed instead, you could end up being your paint's worst enemy. It is not the product that is at fault, it is your technique.

There are 2 types of dirt that will end up on your car: dust and everything else (everything else as in mud, dirt film, dirt itself, bugs and bug guts, tree sap, a herd of bird droppings, etc...). A waterless wash product is made for dust or things like finger prints or something else that has just landed on your paint. If a major area of the car is covered with anything else, you need to wash it, especially a car covered with a dirt film (which is what you find covering the car after driving it in the rain). A caked on spot of something like bird droppings can be removed using Waterless Wash but you have to really saturate the spot until the bird dropping is completely lucid and can be removed with one swipe. Rubbing on it too soon will do nothing but scratch the paint.

Common sense is the key here. I can't list all the situations that a waterless wash can be used for but after watching these videos, you will have a good idea. In this video I am using Adam's waterless wash but you can in reality use a quick detailer or any waterless wash product with success. With that said, on to the videos!

The Videos!​

The Junkman :shift:
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