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Just got my '05 Elise

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The car was delivered yesterday, and while I had a lot of expectations, it surpassed them all. I actually found it to be quite comfortable with the exception of long straight interstate drives....the back gets a little sore from sitting in the exact same position.

Had an amusing experience with the alarm and the cabin light as well....

A friend an I took it on a road trip, and noticed that the cabin light was stuck on and the alarm failed to activate normally. Not finding any switches to turn the dome light off, we assumed one of the switches was faulty.

As soon as we got back to my house, we started troubleshooting it.

First, we removed the door switches, no mechanical problems found,

I haven't taken the front access panels off, so that seemed an unlikely cause, so we tested the engine/trunk switch as best we could. It's bolted inside the engine well.

No mechanical problems found anywhere. So we get another bright idea. According to the manual, the alarm will activate after a longer beep letting you know that one of the switches is interrupted, and that switch will be bypassed in the alarm circuit.

So we arm the alarm, and then test the doors. Ear piercing screech. That's not the problem.

We arm it again, and we test the trunk. It beeps, but no alarm. Surely there's our culprit.

So we unbolt the switch, but unfortunately we are unable to remove it from the engine bay due to space constraints. We figure if we can disconnect one of the connectors, the alarm will function normally until we can get it to Lotus to take a look at it, and my dome light will turn off.

Hesitant to make that move, we decide it would be less risky to just remove the dome light bulb. So we start playing with it to remove the cover.....only to find out that while there is no switch that controls the light, the light itself is the switch. Apparently, it has 3 positions. Up, Center, and Down. In the center position, it looks perfectly normal, and center or up will turn the light on. Down turns it off.

So after riding around all day with the cabin light on, we turn it off and try the alarm again. It works flawlessly. On a positive note, I now know how to operate my cabin light.

Obligatory pictures:

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Congrats on your new ride, and welcome to the forum!

You will find this forum to be very helpful for such trouble shooting in the future. There are probably a zillion threads already on that dome light and its odd interaction with the alarm functions.

Yeah, in hindsight, it's an easy search. Unfortunately, with the wrong initial search terms were centered around "trunk switch alarm", which did give me some useful information, but I didn't stumble across the threads mentioning the dome light.

It's my fault for assuming the dome light was the symptom rather than the cause. :(
Welcome to the Lotus Family...and that's definitely a round about way to learn how to operate the interior light. :D
...the forced perspective in that first picture makes your elise look positively stately!..
Wait, you have the manual and didn't realize how the dome light functioned? It's in there, dude :eek: The first thing I did when I bought my Elise was to read the owner's manual cover to cover.
Wait, you have the manual and didn't realize how the dome light functioned? It's in there, dude :eek: The first thing I did when I bought my Elise was to read the owner's manual cover to cover.
Now, be nice.
I wasn't being mean :rolleyes: Just recommending he do the obvious.
I hope, for the sake of your sanity, that your ownership experience is a trouble-free one from here out.

May the luck of the 7 pillars of Bulu be with you at all times.
Well....I downloaded the owner's manual as a pdf, and the pdf viewer I'm using didn't display some of the images correctly. So yeah....I should have found the issue through the manual.

Though, one could argue that I did find the problem through the manual, I just took the scenic route through California to get to New York. :D
Welcome aboard..

I love your color choice on the car... Looks just like mine does. Ha Ha Hope you will enjoy our chat circuit. I have learned much just by reading the "Stickeys" in the Forums. If you need any questions answered Put It OUt there and Myself and many other's will try to assist you... Happy Driving :nanner:
Check your personal message Board...

PM sent...
new toys are all ways fun

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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